Standard Checkout

In a standard checkout merchant needs to post the intial request to hosted checkout page where customer will provide card/account details. Once the payment is verified customer is redirected back to the merchantRedirectUrl along with the payment status.

The initial request must contain all the required information:

  • - authentication credentials
  • - mode, brand , type and amount of transaction
  • - merchantTransactionId
  • - merchantRedirectUrl

Standard checkout request has to be sent to our endpoint i.e. /transaction/PayProcessController using POST method.

In our API Specifications you can find a full list of parameters that can be sent in the initial request.


1. Post an Initial Payment

Merchant needs to post the intial request to hosted checkout page.

2. Redirect to hosted page

Customer will provide his/her card/account details on hosted checkout page.

3. Return to Merchant's Website

After payment confirmation, customer will be redirected to merchant's website.

1. Post an Initial Payment

To start the process, merchant has to send a server-to-server initial payment request. Here merchantRedirectUrl has to be url-encoded.

Sample Request

2. Redirect to hosted page

The account holder will be redirected to hosted page, where the account holder can fill the card/account details.

3. Return to Merchant's Website

Once the payment has been processed, the customer will be redirected to your merchantRedirectUrl along with a POST parameters.

You can also check the payment confirmation with our Backoffice Inquiry API.

Sample code for reading the response

Hashing Rule

supports MD5 Cryptographic Hash for the authenticity of payment request sent to the server.

Below are the description of fields used for generating checksum.
  • memberId <Merchant ID as shared by >
  • amount <Amount of transaction>
  • merchantTransactionId <Unique transaction ID provided by merchant>
  • merchantRedirectUrl <Customer is redirected to this url >
  • secureKey <Secure Key that can be generated through 's dashboard>

How to generate Checksum ?

Checksum can be calculated with the following combination and needs to be send along with the authentication parameters in each server-to-server request:

Sample Code

Payment Modes and Brands

Find below the list of payment modes and brands for standard checkout.

Show all modes and brands

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